How Our Realtor Referral Program Works

Add An Additional Stream of Income

Adding another stream of income just got a little easier with our realtor referral program. We'll pay you a 25% referral fee on every client you refer to us for Full Service or Procurement Only services. Complete the form on the right or give us a call directly. *If you are a referring your own property, we will pay you a 25% referral on your first property. All additional properties owned by you will be paid at 10%. Same applies to individual clients with multiple properties. ...


The Benefits to You and Your Client

When you have a hard-to-sell property or a client who's on the fence about selling, we can assist by getting the home rented.  Both you and your client benefit in the following ways:


  1. You are kept in the loop the entire time the home is rented, thereby maintaining your professional relationship with the client.  When it's time to sell, we return the client to you.  It's a part of our written agreement with you.
  2. Neither you nor your client risks dealing with the legal aspect of managing a rental property which can often get tricky.  We take on 100% of that risk for your clients.  We've been managing these risks effectively for 12 years. Place your clients in good hands by referring them to professionals who are skilled and experienced in all levels of rental property management.
  3. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all to you is a steady stream of income for every referral you send us.  Prepare to increase your monthly and annual income by referring your clients and letting us decrease their stress and increase your bank account.
  4. Your clients profit every month, or at the very least, have their mortgage paid by someone else until they make the decision to sell.


Call us NOW or complete the referral form to your right.